Personal Projects

I made some (mostly complete) stuff.

My personal photography favourites, presented in HTML5 and CSS.

Photography by JMc

A Wordpress-based "retro gaming" website launching #soon, built years ago but never finished.


A Python web app scraping and combining public BitTorrent data, showcasing the current most downloaded movie titles in the world.


A small Bootstrap website designed for my football team, tracking stats by scraping Google Sheets. Broken now, needs some love!

Hertford Hotshots F.C.

Selenium-based Python script and Flask Web App which automatically fills out surveys for free food!


The winds of childhood are calling... the classic "Age Of Empires 2" Menu in your browser via SVG & CSS magic!


Personal technology blog, still not much on here yet. I'll write something one day, I promise!


Asked by councillor to create a website for one of their Community Gardens. Here it is!


A powerful PHP script which uses common naming conventions to trim bloated "ROM" collections.


A collection of Python scripts which aid in the creation of video content for Age Of Empires 2: Definitive Edition.


A Powershell script which acts as an intermediary between front-end and emulator in the console emulation space.


A private self-hosted media server with custom Ombi front-end


Old maps, drawings & images upscaled using AI


A collection of anonymised VBA and Python scripts which I have employed in my professional work.

Data Scripts


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